For asphalt roofs, Roof Maxx is a quick, easy and affordable alternative to a potentially complicated, expensive and life-disrupting roof replacement. It's a natural oil that can extend the life of an asphalt roof by five years at a time, ideally starting when a roof is around 6-10 years old, depending on the region.

Here's why: In southern climates where there's more UV exposure, Roof Maxx can start extending the life of a roof around 6-8 years old. In northern climates it's closer to 8-10 years old. But don't worry if your roof is older than that. While older roofs may require a few repairs before we can treat them, we often apply Roof Maxx to roofs around 15-20 years old, and have even been able to save some as old as 30.

Roof Maxx is environmentally friendly and safe for people, pets, plants and the environment. And it helps keep roofs intact and asphalt shingles out of landfills for as long as possible.

You know how people have their decks or driveways treated when they see wear and tear and want to add life to their investment? Roof Maxx does something similar for asphalt roofs, only using a revolutionary new technology that soaks old, brittle shingles with millions of microbeads of all-natural bio-oil to restore their flexibility and prepare them to better protect your home. One Roof Maxx application is guaranteed to add five years of life to an asphalt roof. And with repeat applications every five years, you can add up to 15 years of life to your asphalt roof.

If you want more details on how the whole thing works: Fluctuations in weather and temperature cause asphalt shingles to expand and contract significantly, even within a given hour. It’s the natural oils in the shingles that allow these expansions and contractions to happen while your roof protects your home as it should. Over time, though, this oil evaporates, causing asphalt shingles to dry out and lose their flexibility, as well as their top protective layer of granules. All of this leads to shingles cracking, breaking, molding, staining and/or curling, which makes your home more vulnerable to damage. Roof Maxx returns shingles closer to their original flexibility, etc. so they can keep protecting your home for five more years.

The first thing to consider is that you may not actually need a new roof. We’ve helped thousands of property owners avoid asphalt roof replacements, even if their roofs required a few repairs first. Usually, as long as you haven’t had ongoing leaks, significant rotting and decay, extreme sagging, and/or shingles blowing off, Roof Maxx could be an option for you.

We’ve created a revolutionary roofing spray that extends the lifespan of your roof up to 15 years. Our spray-on application is made from natural oils and is similar to the sprayed rejuvenators many commercial roofers use. This oil rejuvenates your shingles and makes them like new again. Shingles get back the durability needed to withstand hail, and the waterproofing needed to shed water and keep granules in place.

A single treatment with our roofing spray puts life back into your aging roof. As soon as it’s applied, the spray goes to work immediately. The spray soaks into your dried out shingles and replaces the life-saving chemicals needed to keep your shingles strong. Our spray is impervious to weather and soaks in for up to 72 hours.

At Roof Maxx, we’re dedicated to saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Rather than replacing your roof, a timely and expensive process, we restore it to make it like new again. Our treatment ensures your roof is waterproof and strong, keeping you safe and dry no matter what the weather.

Contact us today for an assessment that will tell you if we can help you avoid a roof replacement.

A complete roof replacement is a major cost for homeowners. On the other hand, an asphalt shingle treatment from Roof Maxx can dramatically cut the costs of prolonging the life of your roof. A Roof Maxx treatment usually costs 20% of the cost of a complete roof replacement. That adds up to considerable savings.

For example, if the roof on your home costs $8,000 to replace, then a Roof Maxx application for that same house would likely come in between $1,200 to $2,000, give or take a bit.

A treatment from Roof Maxx can be done in a fraction of the time that a complete roof replacement takes. That’s not to mention avoiding the noise and mess that come along with a roof replacement. Plus, Roof Maxx is a natural treatment that is safe for your home, family, and pets.

Roof Maxx is an oil-based product we spray directly onto your asphalt shingles. Exactly how much does a Roof Maxx treatment cost? The cost depends on how much we end up using. That depends on the size, complexity, and accessibility of your roof.

Another cost factor will be whether your roof needs a tune-up or any extra preparations to make sure everything is intact before we apply Roof Maxx. This may include replacing plumbing boots, sealing nail pops and/or caulking around flashing.

All told, a treatment from Roof Maxx will likely save you a significant amount of money. It can also save you a lot of hassle. Contact us today for more information. See what Roof Maxx can do for your home.

Weather conditions must be dry, with the temperature above 36 degrees Fahrenheit, for Roof Maxx to be applied successfully. These weather requirements allow the treatment to fully penetrate the shingles and soak into the asphalt.

This question is especially likely to come up in winter months and wet climates. While dry weather is required for applying Roof Maxx, don’t worry if it rains an hour or more after the treatment. Depending on your climate, it can take 30 minutes to an hour for the treatment to soak in. Roof Maxx will penetrate the shingles and fully soak into the asphalt within one hour, leaving your roof fully treated and protected from the elements. Once it has soaked into the asphalt tiles, the Roof Maxx treatment cannot be washed away by rain.

Because Roof Maxx is a water-based, all-natural sealer, the roof can even be slightly damp before treatment. Your local technician will examine the roof before application to make sure conditions are perfect for applying the treatment so that it will soak in and revive your roof.

Roof Maxx is an eco-friendly spray that is applied directly to the asphalt shingles on your roof. Weather can be very draining on an asphalt roof. Sun, rain, snow, and wind all take a toll on a roof, causing the tiles to age and dry out, becoming brittle and fragile. Algae can even grow on asphalt tiles, also making them brittle. Brittle tiles break, crack, and leak, which can lead to expensive and time-intensive repairs. Roof Maxx’s treatment coats the asphalt tiles and soaks in, creating a waterproof weather barrier that extends the life of your roof. It is a great investment for protecting against weather and sun damage. Plus, the all-natural Roof Maxx formula is natural and safe for humans and pets.

Do you have more questions about the Roof Maxx treatment process, including how to get started? Contact us today for more information.

The application of a Roof Maxx treatment takes between 30 minutes at the least and a few hours at the most. The time it takes to apply the treatment will depend on the size of your roof and the state and condition of your roof and asphalt shingles. 

Our local technicians will be able to give you a precise, customized estimate. Before beginning the process of applying the Roof Maxx treatment, our technicians will conduct an initial assessment to determine the condition of your roof. They will examine your roof and give you an estimate for how long the application of the Roof Maxx treatment will take. 

Smaller roofs that are clean and in good repair, other than brittle and inflexible shingles, can usually be finished in as little as a half hour. The Roof Maxx treatment will take longer, up to several hours, if the technician notes any issues that require additional steps to prepare the asphalt roof for treatment. This pretreatment tune-up may include removing debris such as sticks or leaves, sealing exposed nails, and securing loose flashing. All of these need to be done before Roof Maxx can be applied.

There may be some additional problems or repairs needed before Roof Maxx can be applied. We will examine your roof for problems and leaks, let you know if there are any problems, and make recommendations for fixing them. Weather, sunshine, and age can have a damaging effect on your roof, with problems ranging from debris damage to leaking. 

Roof Maxx is a specialized eco-friendly spray designed to extend the life of your asphalt roof tiles by restoring their natural flexibility, leaving them less prone to breaking and leaking. If you already have these problems on your roof, you may be able to fix them and then apply Roof Maxx to extend the life of the rest of your roof. 

So how long does a Roof Maxx treatment take? Every roof is different. Our local technicians can examine your roof to let you know how Roof Maxx can help and how long the treatment will take. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an evaluation.

The founders of Roof Maxx were professional roofers for over 30 years before starting Roof Maxx. Throughout their careers, they noticed a decline in the quality of asphalt shingles that contributed to roofs lasting less time than they used to. In fact, today’s shingles are about a third lighter than they were just a few decades ago. This is because they include less asphalt, which is where they get the oil that keeps them pliable. So newer shingles are drying out, cracking and breaking apart sooner than they used to.

Most roofs built in recent decades last 15-20 years, with roofs in less sunny climates tending to last slightly longer due to less UV exposure. The weather, the manufacturer and other factors play a part in each roof’s lifetime. So, unfortunately, there’s just no way to truly guess how long a roof will last. (Believe us, we’ve tried.)

If your asphalt roof is more than 6-8 years old in southern climates and more than 8-10 years old in northern climates, we suggest contacting a local Roof Maxx dealer for an assessment. The dealer can estimate how much life is left in your roof and whether it’s the right time to apply Roof Maxx to add five years of life to it right away. However, don’t worry if your roof is older than that. While older roofs may require a few repairs before we can treat them, we often apply Roof Maxx to roofs around 15-20 years old, and have even been able to save some as old as 30.

Be aware that if your asphalt roof is less than 8-10 years old, it may still have much of its original oil. This means it likely won’t need to be treated with Roof Maxx just yet. But, if your roof is close to those age ranges, it’s best to have a Roof Maxx dealer at least check it for granule loss and other issues to see if Roof Maxx can start extending the life of your roof (by 5 years!) right now.

Owning a home means replacing things as they get old and lose their usefulness. This applies to furniture, appliances, and even your roof. No matter how well you treat the things inside and outside your home, there will come a time when things need to be upgraded. When that time comes for your roof, choose Roof Maxx. 

Can Roof Maxx help new roofs last longer? While Roof Maxx is great for lengthening the life of a roof that’s been around for a few years or more, a newly installed roof isn’t going to benefit from Roof Maxx treatments. 

Roofs are designed to last a long time—several decades, in fact. Don’t rely too heavily on that number though, especially if you plan on selling your house or are staying in it long-term. With the proper maintenance, a new roof can last even longer. To get that longer-lasting roof, use Roof Maxx.

Contact us today with any questions or inquiries. We look forward to showing you the difference Roof Maxx can make when it comes to sustaining and beautifully maintaining your roof.

So, can Roof Maxx make an asphalt roof last forever? Sadly, nothing lasts forever. But so far, Roof Maxx has been proven through testing and research done at The Ohio State University to add an average of 15 years of life to an asphalt roof. 

Roof Maxx is designed to add years to your asphalt roof; over the years we’ve proven that our product can add five years of life per application to an intact asphalt roof. Having an intact asphalt roof means any structural issues have been repaired and everything is as it should be before we apply Roof Maxx to your roof. 

Roofs experience a lot of wear and tear. After all, they are designed to protect the inside of homes and buildings from the elements. When an asphalt roof undergoes hundreds or thousands of days worth of exposure to rain and wind, snow and sleet, it will eventually need to be replaced. However, it doesn’t need to be replaced for additional years if treated properly. 

Treatments come with a five-year transferable warranty. Repeating treatments every five years can extend your roof’s life by up to fifteen years. But, you never know! We could get 15 years down the road and find out that even longer is possible.

Have other questions about Roof Maxx besides if it could make an asphalt roof last longer? Contact us today.

Definitely! We’ve heard of many situations in which older roofs have caused home deals to fall through. Or, just as bad, a potential home buyer will ask a seller to reduce the price of a home by $10,000 or more because the roof shows signs of aging. The good news is that Roof Maxx has saved hundreds of real estate transactions in which the roof was a point of contention—and our warranty is fully transferable without restrictions. Contact us today for an assessment to find out if your roof could benefit from Roof Maxx.

Roof Maxx can change the appearance of your roof. In fact, the application of Roof Maxx treatments may change the appearance of your roof for the better!

As Roof Maxx oil is absorbed, it also restores the flexibility and durability of old and brittle shingles, making your roof appear newer. Your shingles will become more pliable and resistant to wear and tear, including dings and dents from hail.

Contact us to learn more about how our all-natural treatments can help make your roof look new again.

Roof Maxx does not seal leaks but is the perfect addition to roof maintenance treatments. Roof Maxx is a durable rejuvenator that is all-natural and non-toxic. It is applied after leaks have been sealed and repairs have been made, and is used to extend the life of your roof.

Part of the issue with dried-out shingles is that they’re more likely to crack, break, and curl, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. And while Roof Maxx isn’t a sealant or a way to patch holes, it is a penetrant that soaks down into asphalt shingles and replenishes their oils, restoring their strength and flexibility closer to that of new shingles. This prevents the kind of cracking, breaking, and curling that can lead to leaks.

We are often asked, “Will Roof Maxx seal my roof from leaks?” No, it doesn’t literally seal any existing leaks. However, this is why we thoroughly assess your roof and perform a tune-up before applying Roof Maxx—to make sure there are no leaks or other issues that need repairing before we begin. Then Roof Maxx provides an extra layer of protection which prevents future leaks and damage for much longer than a sealant treatment alone.

In addition to increasing strength and flexibility, and extending the life of your roof, there are numerous benefits to using Roof Maxx treatments.

  • Improves shingle durability and wind resistance.
  • Retains granules on the top of protective layer with improved adhesion.
  • Creates stronger resistance against impact damage from hail.

Contact us for more information about how our all-natural treatments can help extend the life of your roof.

The primary ingredient in Roof Maxx is a plant-based, food-grade, non-toxic oil. These plant based oils are not only the primary ingredient in Roof Maxx, but also in recent upgraded technology in new award-winning Goodyear tires. We love being in good company.

Using plant-based technology, Roof Maxx was able to use the oil in these plant-based ingredients to replace lost oil in shingles. The oil is fused into millions of tiny micro-beads that can quickly penetrate shingles and give them back their flexibility, durability, and waterproofing abilities. It works almost immediately and gives shingles back the ability to shed water, keep granules in place, and even withstand the blunt force that can break shingles.

When shingles are made, they’re soaked in a petrochemical oil that allows them to expand and contract with the weather. Over time, this oil dries out and causes shingles to become brittle. Roof Maxx wanted to find a way to replace these lost oils.

Our spray is made solely from all-natural, food-based products which also helps us to reduce our environmental footprint. In the future, we hope to replace the need to soak shingles in petroleum and use only natural ingredients to give shingles the flexibility and durability needed to withstand the elements.

Testing has found and proved that Roof Maxx treatment has no effect on fire risk or spread of flame on an asphalt shingle roof. During its development, Roof Maxx was tested by The Ohio State University Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering in line with the standards of the American Society for Testing. Roof Maxx was subjected to a number of safety and functional tests, including fire safety.

It’s interesting how they answered the question, “Does Roof Maxx pose a fire risk?” Two roofs were tested. One was treated with Roof Maxx, and the other was not. The edges of both roofs were ignited with gas torches and burned for 10 minutes. 

After the test, the damage caused by the flames was examined and measured. The two roofs showed no difference: the spread of flame and the flame damage was the same on the treated and the untreated shingles. The conclusion? Application of Roof Maxx does not increase the risk of fire or the rate a fire will spread.

Ohio State University testing showed evidence that Roof Maxx significantly enhances shingle flexibility, adhesion, and hail resistance. It also restores shingle permeability closer to that of new shingles. 

If you are interested in full results, including a photo of fire damage on both treated and untreated roof shingles, download the full testing report.

If you have any other questions about the safety of Roof Maxx or how it works, contact us today.

Yes. Roof Maxx is safe for people, pets, property, and the environment. It’s actually been certified as a USDA BioPreferred product

As your roof gets older, the oils inside begin to dry out, causing the shingles to become brittle. As a result, they no longer have the flexibility needed to withstand the elements and they slowly begin to break apart.

Roof Maxx rejuvenates your roof by restoring the shingles to near the durability and water-proofing levels they reached when they were new. This is accomplished when millions of microbeads saturate the brittle parts of your roof, similar to the way moisturizer works for your skin. The all-natural oils also improve the granule adhesion, meaning the shingles are less prone to damage during strong winds. 

While Roof Maxx is easily soaked up and retained by asphalt shingles, it can be rinsed off any other surface with a garden hose. Within 30 minutes, the product will be completely absorbed, so rain won’t be a problem. It is also a non-flammable product, so it will not increase the risk of fire or the spreading of flames.

When you have a new roof installed or a roofer makes repairs, you will most likely find nails and garbage surrounding your house, even after they’ve cleaned up. With Roof Maxx, not only is there no oily residue leftover from our treatments, but you won’t have to worry about other messes in your yard when we’re through.

Is Roof Maxx safe? Yes, Roof Maxx is a scientifically formulated, natural, safe, plant-based roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by Battelle Labs, the world’s largest private research and development company.
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